Teresa Naseba Marsh, author of Enlightenment is Letting Go! : Healing from Trauma, Addiction, and Multiple Loss.


Dr. Teresa Naseba Marsh, PhD, MA, RN, RP, SEP
Psychotherapist, Healer, Author, Yoga and Meditation Teacher

Dr. Teresa Naseba Marsh immigrated to Canada from South Africa in 1992 and continued to contribute to healing approaches to overcome suffering, trauma, addiction, historical trauma, and the aftermath of oppression. In her current book, Enlightenment is Letting Go! Healing from Trauma, Addiction and Multiple Loss, Teresa continues her dedication to this field by teaching people how to heal through participatory action, ancient spiritual methods, poetry and the telling of stories. Teresa’s work is grounded in treating humanity holistically and embracing social accountability.  Her recent work over the last 14 years in Vancouver & Sudbury with the Indigenous communities continues to expose her passion, dedication and compassion for this work. She is an inspiration to health care.